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Thread: Window won't update

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    Default Window won't update

    I recently installed clanlib and when I run the examples they run perfectly well but the window won't refresh unless I either move it some how, any solution?

    My brother has the same pc basically and it runs perfectly well, he has windows 7 though while I have xp 32 bit.

    The window is entirely frozen unless I move it/minize-restore or anything else.

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    This has been reported before. We do not know why.

    I run Windows XP 32-bit, but do not have any problems.

    For the Basic2D example, looking at:
    CL_KeepAlive::process(int timeout)

    That calls: CL_DisplayMessageQueue_Win32::wait()

    That calls: BOOL result = MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx(0, 0, timeout_win32, QS_ALLEVENTS|QS_SENDMESSAGE|QS_RAWINPUT, wait_all ? MWMO_WAITALL : 0);
    (Note, timeout_win32 = 0, wait_all = false)

    Maybe the result is always returning "WAIT_OBJECT_0" until a mouse is moved, why ... I don't know!

    Try removing usb devices (for example, joystick's etc)

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