Growtopia has really helped me connect with others through other multiplayer games/social apps, like Kik Messenger, The Blockheads, Graal Classic, etc....!

So I guess I'd like to know more people outside of Growtopia. If you want to play stuff with me outside of Robinson Tech games, post in this thread, if ya like. Or shoot me a PM. Some of the games/apps I play/use a lot are:

Magic 2014 (although not very good, mind you)
Graal Classic (not much anymore...)
The Blockheads (again, not much...)
Kik Messenger (fairly active in group chats)
Groupie (medium activeness)

So, yeah, I hope to connect with the friends I know elsewhere!

Also, if you guys want to connect with each other in other games too in this thread (or suggest one for me to play), feel free to post!

PS: I'm really hoping to have a Magic the Gathering 2014 (for the iPad) match with someone I know, so if you play it, PM me your Game Center, and I'll friend ya.