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    Default natedog

    Alot of you people might have witnessed natedogs behaviour now I'm posting this not in the Problematic Players because yet i have got no screenshots.

    Some of you might have experienced the Pitiful childish behaviour of natedog, and now I've had it its going on my nerves.

    I came online today just to play some peaceful games with some other players. As I entered VIP solo I see a natedog joining..He directly blames me for things I never did and never have done, I promise to take alot of screenshots of that guy just to show how much of a problem he is for alot of people, especially when he doesn't win then he goes blaming complaining and starting to curse people out.

    I just had to clear this out. If this thread gets closed then I would understand but I'd like to hear some of you guys experience of meeting the player natedog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playerdereclaim View Post
    He is annoying... actually he might be the only person people hate more than me.
    #1 he is a kid.
    #2 he lags and takes it as his skill
    I'm gonna be honest here, I dislike Natedog a LOT. He commonly tries to refute my claims with false facts when I'm not even speaking to him. He also keeps saying he has a lot of experience with Tanked because he's been playing for years greater than the game has even exsted. Apart from all that, he uses many curse words shamelessley.
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    I am going to have to close this thread, let's wait until there are screenshots and just send them through the appropriate channels.



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