Well, it has been 26 months in development since work on ClanLib 3.0 started. Today, we are proudly announcing its formal release. http://clanlib.org/download.html

Back in July 2011, we had some issues with the API of ClanLib 2.3. Although it was good, there were better techniques that we could use to further assist in developing state-of-the-art 3D applications.

All these changes allowed the creation of a new display target “clanD3D”, allowing your application to run DirectX 11 as a fall-back or a primary display target.

The GUI has had an overhaul. This caused the most problematic developing challenges that we have faced in ClanLib. Trying to keep compatibility with the API that we all know and love whilst enhancing it to support the CSS 2 standard and optimising it for the fastest frame rates. We are very happy with the result.

The CSS 2 support can also be used outside the GUI environment. ClanLib can now assist in rendering various HTML pages as accurately as the well known internet browsers. This means that you can use web page designers to theme your application layouts.

On Microsoft Windows, ClanLib now does not require any dependency library. So you can simply download it, without worrying about updating dependency libraries and know that all components are using a Zlib style software license.

One of the design decisions to enhance the speed of the SDK was the separation of the 2D management code from the GraphicContext. It was now been placed on a higher level class, called a Canvas. All 2D operations use this Canvas class. For 3D operations, the GraphicContext is used, without any overhead.

ClanLib has been updated with the latest OpenGL 4.4 API, so that you try out the latest techniques with an OpenGL 4.4 Context.

Additional components have also been added:
• 2D collision system
• 3D collision system
• 3D scene management
• Game editor and asset pipeline framework

The documentation is all now all contained within the ClanLib SDK package, and also in GitHub, so if you see any mistakes or enhancements, you are free to provide updates.

There are lots more to explore. Lots of examples to try out.