First of all, many thanks to Seth and all the contributors of Proton SDK for having made such a simple, yet powerful game engine.
After a few months of on n off efforts, I have managed to complete my game and have published it in Google Play.

Its a small autocross game called SkidPad. Currently I have a lite version published and am working on pushing out a full version soon.
It would be really great if the forum members try out the game and provide some feedback

Here is the link to the app. This is my very first attempt at pushing something out to an app store.

Meanwhile I'm trying to enable some ads and maybe in-app purchasing as well. I don't see any tutorial in the wiki page.
I've gotten my app to build with ChartBoost - but the SDK needs an app already published to get an ID.
Anyone have any snippet/instructions they would like to share?

There is a version 0.1 out there. I've released a version 1.1 with a minor fix. By the time your read this, it'd already be there