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    I am doing now the mystery island and i am stucked ! Is there any tips fos this game ?

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    no one here ?

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    Give more information on where you're stuck... otherwise we can't really help you

    So just let us know where you're having trouble, and you'll probably get a helpful reply.

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    I have got the green head and went to put in the device . It got swallowed , made a sound but nothing else ? So what should I do now ?

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    Now you talk to the colored orbs. If you guess correctly which one you should talk to it will light up and make a happy sound. You have to guess what the pattern is in order to open up the door. But before you go in, make sure that you have the Duck magic.
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    where can I get this duck's magic which you are saying ?

    I can get till the device make a sound but it does not open , what should I do ? Do you have more tips about the mystery Island ?

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    To get the Duck Magic you need to turn into a duck by drinking from the fountain in town. Then while you are a duck talk to the pig and search for the other duck. And don't forget to turn back into a human once you're done.
    As for the Orb problem. After you talk to the first orb, try talking to the others. I don't remember the order so it'll be some trial and error but it shouldn't take to long. The idea is that if you talk to the three orbs in the correct order the door will open.
    --Heretic Man. Hey, it's better than being an Infidel!

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    thank you very much
    I am going to try it now
    If you got any other tips , think of me !

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    I have tried and got the duck magic but the cave does not want to open
    I have tried in many orders but can't do anything
    Please help

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    I could light up the 3 orbs but it didn't open up
    Is there any soluce for this game ?

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    I opened up and went inside . Without your hint I wouldn't have made it ! Thanks
    This time the game was shorter

    I wish I could download the dmods to play but I don't understand how to do it and don't even know how to unzip

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    all i'm worried about is not killing the freaggin cameras.

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