So I've made a game that's a 3D sandbox block building game called "Craftables"
I've been working on it for awhile now and it's recently gone public.

Growtopia has been a huge inspiration for the game and it's been a lot of fun.
I'm continually updating the game to get the most fun out of it.

And I'm not competing with Growtopia or ANYONE, I'm just working on this in my free time as a little project, nothing huge.

Anyway there's not too many blocks at the moment as we're in beta but it's enough to work with. We have a currency called "Craftoids" which you earn by destroying blocks and just playing the game.
What I mean by that is everytime you break a block you get 1 Craftoid, but sometimes you'll get 2 Craftoids out of 1 block which stacks up overtime, or if you just play the game you might get random Craftoids.

So you're probably asking, "What's the goal in the game"
Well pretty much nothing!
Try to be the richest, make friends and have a good time. With our chat system you can always have fun, it's also swear-proof.

Keep in mind destroying other people's creations is part of the game the "goal" is to protect your base, which at the moment the only way to so that is hide it or defend yourself with the shoot button.
(You can shoot little red beams )

There's much more to the game but you can play now at


OR check out our forums at


Again I'm not trying to advertise, I'm just showing off the work I've done, which Growtopia has been a huge help

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Probably belongs in fan-made creations... Sorry