I think I'm about to blow. I am honestly angered at the moment. There is a certain player going around Tanked who keeps bothering everyone asking for coins literally every 5 seconds. He keeps saying he needs coins for "fuel" and sometimes starts purposely dying in team games if his teammates don't give him coins. Apart from that, he purposely calls me "sege" and has started being racist and bigoted, which just so happen to also be against the rules. He has also been harrasing a couple of other players, spamming them and saying he is a person who he is not. I suspect he is not new to the game, as he said he had seen me on the forums before. I think I know who he is, but I wont say just to not single him out any more than I already am. I have no proof myself of any of this, but Bullseye does, and is/has sent the images to Junior.
Now, I know some of you are gonna say "Oh, but if you have no proof, then why are you making this thread?", and I get your point, but I just feel a relief letting the world know about my not-so personal issues.