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Thread: Techno Update Suggestion! (With pictures!)

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    Default Techno Update Suggestion! (With pictures!)

    Techno Update

    After being a fan of pixel arts that other people create for Growtopia, I was wondering why not create my own series of it. So I've decided to settle on a theme called Robots or more like Electronic Stuff, like those thingamajiggy stuff! So I hope you enjoy them and best of all, hope it gets implemented during PAW or tomorrow.
    Designs and Items

    Techno Visor - Design 1
    Name:  TECHNO - 1.png
Views: 1289
Size:  3.4 KB

    Techno Visor - Design 2
    Name:  TECHNO - 2.png
Views: 1291
Size:  3.3 KB

    Techno Visor will shoot Green Rays but without decreasing efficiency like cyclopean! Something like Burning Eye.

    Growtroid Helmet
    Name:  Mannequin-2 Art.png
Views: 1281
Size:  2.9 KB

    Growtroid Shirt
    Name:  Mannequin-3 Art.png
Views: 1282
Size:  2.9 KB

    Growtroid Leggings
    Name:  Mannequin-4 Art.png
Views: 1273
Size:  3.3 KB

    Growtroid Boots
    Name:  Mannequin-5 Art.png
Views: 1276
Size:  2.4 KB

    Growtroid Set
    Name:  Growtroid Set..png
Views: 1270
Size:  2.2 KB

    Machine Gun Block
    Name:  Machine Gun 2.png
Views: 1265
Size:  2.6 KB
    Courtesy of Syrj22 for the Machine Gun block art, textured it to pixels.


    The set was inspired from the old-school game, Metroid. Well I going to admit that the Shirt, Leggings and Boots are quite weird but it still looks quite okay. Techno Visors were drawn by me, since I liked to draw Visors on my stickmans since I was a child; I thought it will be awesome if it was implemented. I just hope Seth or Hamumu notice it. <3

    Also, if you support this, please put this in your signature :
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