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Thread: GrowDub! Dubtrack Fm OFFICAL THREAD

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    Default GrowDub! Dubtrack Fm OFFICAL THREAD

    Yeah all of them died, so I decided to make a new one!

    Needing staff

    Background designers: Someone to design a background every update these people will get access to some permissions

    Moderators: To look after the Dubtrack

    player: we need people to actually go there!

    NOTE: Moderators will be promoted after wards. there will be no jump from member to co owner like poof.

    Note this staff needings will be subject to change if we get enough


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    what is this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Saeed Albadi View Post
    @SETH+@HAMUMU CAN YOU UBA FOR ME BECUS I don’t know WHAT DID I DO For BANNED/my user safsaood123 and growtopia is my life I don’t get any games best then growtopia/and thank you if you read my msg
    srry for bad grammar

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