"Look up there" wiz exclaimed"did you see that!?""What?"nova replied.the two perplexed growtopians
followed the figure.then fireworks shot out everywhere creating a racket that even a deaf person can hear it so clearly.the sound was deafening so they ran away.the figure ran to them and said "you guys
Think that's too loud ?HA!maybe if I whisper you can hear me loudly ,super ears."teased Aaron ,the most annoying pest in the friendships.the growtopians around the world could hear it,the fire works.the fireworks flew into the sky to gratia the growthly moon,the technology over there was far more advanced.The people there made a lethal firework and threw it back Down on the growearth and then .on the other side of the planet the environment altered so rapidly that the citizens there turned into monsters.the scientist who found this out called it the g-virus.