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Thread: How to forbid map to "play"

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    Default How to forbid map to "play"

    I have a object pallete map...

    But all the time that I go there, my paddle move around, balls shoot, stuff die...

    How I stop that behavior?

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    Hmm, nothing should be moving if the game is paused when the editor opens which is the default I think.

    But this should work:

    In your initialization of your paddle you can check to see if the editor is up before having it do anything.

    For instance:

    function OnInit()

    if (g_editorActive) then
    LogMsg("Oh sh*t! Don't turn this on now.");


    Or: You can also use GameIsActive(), but that just detects if a 'profile' is loaded, not applicable if you don't use them.

    Or: You could also check the current map by name, and if it's Game Palette or whatever exit.
    Seth A. Robinson
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