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Thread: Used Robinson Technologies for my English assessment! Hehe...

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    Cool Used Robinson Technologies for my English assessment! Hehe...

    Well, most of you might of not heard of a TV series called "Dragons Den" where people introduce they're product or something with help of they're investment.
    But, our English teacher decided to use this for our assessment so, This opened up a opportunity to pretend that I worked for Robinson Technologies and so for my assessment, I used it.
    This was what I said for my assessment. (By the way I said this to the whole class)
    "Hello, my name is Jamie and I'm 13 Years old. I work for a company called Robinson Technologies and as a company we proudly present games suitable for children to play. One of our most successful games is Growtopia, Growtopia is a Sandbox-Adventure game where people from all around the world participate in. We reach a whooping 60,000 people per day and we as a company think we're ready to take on a massive challenge and to advertise our games so that more people are attracted to them. So, I would like an investment of 10,000 pounds with a 35 percent equity stake (share) In my company and we will use that money to upgrade our servers and to buy advertisement. Thank you for listening."
    Surprisingly, I got a 6C* for this assessment - Thank you Seth and Hamumu for a good grade Hehe.
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