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Thread: CL_CommandLine with Cross-platform application main

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    Default CL_CommandLine with Cross-platform application main

    If one uses the cross platform application main, for example:
    CL_ClanApplication app(&Main::main);
    The arguments are given as a vector of CL_Strings. CL_CommandLine seems to only have this function:
    void parse_args(int argc, char** argv);
    It seems like it would be useful then to have CL_CommandLine able to parse the arguments from a "const std::vector<CL_String> &args" directly. Maybe there is already something and I'm missing it? If not, attached is a patch that adds:
    void CL_CommandLine::parse_args(const std::vector<CL_String> &args);
    If the patch is not up to standards and you don't want to fix it, let me know what changes are needed and I'll work on it. Particularly I currently do not have a complete understanding of Clanlib strings, as I've read on the wiki it handles things a bit different than std::string with references.

    Thank you.
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    It looks good to me, although I have not tried it.

    It seems like the CL_CommandLine function has been forgotten about for a long time (From ClanLib 0.8)

    Maybe "void parse_args(int argc, char** argv);" should also be removed?

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    Maybe. Attached is a patch that removes it and only takes in a vector of arguments. One thing that might be a concern is everything is forced to CL_String8. There is probably a issue further up, as I don't think there is any converting of encoding type when it originally set the arguments in the vector.

    However, this works for my purposes. I mainly wanted command line parsing as a quick way to go to certain points in a game quickly for debugging and play test purposes, and to override currently set configuration options (Display, key input, etc.).
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