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Thread: Should I do this? (Regarding Steam downloads)

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    Default Should I do this? (Regarding Steam downloads)

    I already made a thread which I said that when I turn off my pc and go back tomorrow, my download restarts to 0mb.

    Well I found a video and it looks effective.

    Ok. so from 1:33 and so on, he copied 2 files, then he acts like the download resets, deletes the original and copies the 2 copied files.

    On my case, I've seen 3 files.
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    Should I delete them??
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    Delete Steam and download again, deleting 2 files may damage your Steam files and corrupt any data you had even if you did copy them.
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    i think you choose to delete all local content if you just right click the game title in your library. Or am I missing your point?
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