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Thread: about port clan game to windows7

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    Default about port clan game to windows7

    Hellow everybody!

    I have a big trouble in clanlib.

    I write a game on windows XP,almost complete,but I found the game run on

    windows 7 have problem.Some picture don't display.My picture all are png.So

    anyone have a advice?

    BTW,the FPS also is different.(My FPS is limited by myself,windowsXP is 50,no change code but on win7 is 20)

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have know why.

    My win7 use Microsfot's video card driver,and i setup a Nvida's video card driver,no wrong.

    But ,my project on win7 use vS2008 ,don't complier on release ver,debug ver
    is OK.Let me....

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    It is possible ClanLib 1.0 does not work on Windows7. There are no active developers (as far as I know) that use Windows7 and ClanLib 1.0

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    I may have come across this problem, but are the pngs that don't display greyish in colour instead?

    I'm using Windows 7 and have successfully developed an application on this platform with no problems, however when I transferred my project to a Vista laptop, running the client resulted in most pngs aside from the background and button.png being grey in appearance.

    It was also worth noting that the font, despite no change in directory structure was replaced by white blocks.

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