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Thread: 2 questions when start using Clanlib GUI moudule

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    Default 2 questions when start using Clanlib GUI moudule

    I just start using Clanlib, and I have 2 questions about the GUI module so far:

    1. Does the GUI module support languages besides english, like jappaness or chinese?
    Because I want to show janpaness and chinese in my GUI.

    2. I make 2 GUI layouts using the GUI editor, first is the "Login" layout and the second is the "Lobby" layout.
    I want to know how to switch between "Login" layout and "Lobby" layout. I can't figure out how to do this.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Additional question:
    I notice in the GUILayout example that after loading layout by calling "window.create_components("layout.xml");",
    the position of the window will move a little automatically , how does this happens? But I want to make the window still after a layout is loaded.
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