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Thread: 2 questions when start using Clanlib GUI moudule

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    Default 2 questions when start using Clanlib GUI moudule

    I just start using Clanlib, and I have 2 questions about the GUI module so far:

    1. Does the GUI module support languages besides english, like jappaness or chinese?
    Because I want to show janpaness and chinese in my GUI.

    2. I make 2 GUI layouts using the GUI editor, first is the "Login" layout and the second is the "Lobby" layout.
    I want to know how to switch between "Login" layout and "Lobby" layout. I can't figure out how to do this.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Additional question:
    I notice in the GUILayout example that after loading layout by calling "window.create_components("layout.xml");",
    the position of the window will move a little automatically , how does this happens? But I want to make the window still after a layout is loaded.
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    Hopefully this will help you westpointer, but I cannot say it is accurate.

    1. I imagine you can localize it but I think it is down to what fonts you register and use that support foreign characters?

    2. CL_GUIComponent has the function set_layout(CL_GUILayout& layout), which would allow you specify which layout is to be used, perhaps that is what you need?

    Hope it offers you some help.

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    There is currently a problem with clanlib's font drawing routines on linux and windows (without unicode build).

    It is not reading UTF-8 code correctly to obtain the glyph from freetype.

    This is being addressed in ClanLib 2.2 (SVN). (I don't know when it will be fixed though)

    It currently only works in ClanLib 2.1.1 Win32 Unicode build.

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