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Thread: Change for CL_GUIManager

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    Default Change for CL_GUIManager

    When you create a CL_GUIManager but forget to call set_window_manager or set_theme on it before using it, it crashes. Patch attached in order to document this behavior.

    If we can do runtime checks for this mistake, that would be great, but I think it would need to happen in so many places that it's not worth it.

    A few other notes:
    - the INSTALL.win32 file is unneeded and outdated now so can be removed - the information now resides here.
    - in the configure wizard two of the options aren't clear as to their purpose:
    * "Include Unicode configurations" (can't use unicode without this?)
    * "Include static libraries using DLL runtime configurations" (no idea what this is for)
    * so, it would be nice if you add explanatory tooltips to these options
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    Just realized that the default constructor can at least initialize the wm.
    So, new better patch attached.
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    patch applied to clanlib 2.2 svn


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    Thanks! Could you get rid of INSTALL.win32 as well? As I said it's outdated (and confusing to have it there).

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