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Thread: Online Hacking Simulation (Voluntary)

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    Default Online Hacking Simulation (Voluntary)

    For several months now, myself and several individuals around the world have undertaken the task of developing an online hacking simulation. Currently we are finalizing much of the documentation and specifications for the simulation. We are looking into different libraries and engines that could be used for this project one of which being ClanLib.

    As the lead programmer I have successfully developed a basic client and server application, database connectivity including login/registration and authentication within a small amount of time and as such have high hopes that ClanLib can deliver what we require.

    If anyone is interested in this project, would like to know more or get involved, please send me a message or post here with your queries.

    Note this is voluntary, but serious work.

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    Do you have a public blog or similar?

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    I'm interested in this project. Do you have a website or some screenshots?

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