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Thread: Does exec() in CL_PushButton need to be called?

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    Default Does exec() in CL_PushButton need to be called?


    I am curious as to whether calling exec() for a CL_PushButton is needed for it to work properly as what it says in reference is, "Run component in modal mode. "

    Since, calling exec() seems to pause the rendering for my game.

    Also, does func_close() for a CL_PushButton need to be attached to a CL_Slot or something similar for it to be used?

    Since I looked at some GUI examples (ones with a GUI window inside an application window) into closing one of them.

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    heh, I have never tried calling CL_PushButton with exec()

    exec() is a member function of CL_GUIComponent, it is used for creating modal components (most often windows). So your app is paused while of component is active.

    You only need to use func_clicked(); with CL_PushButton.

    The func_close() function is again a member of CL_GUIComponent, and is only really useful when creating your own components.

    Hopefully the examples will be tidied for the ClanLib 2.2 preview release

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