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Thread: DRACONIC for WOTD! (Need criticism)

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    Default DRACONIC for WOTD! (Need criticism)

    DISCLAIMER: This world relies on martian gravity from the mars blast, and therefore parts of it might not be possible during Night of the Comet!

    The beginning of the Draconic trilogy is finally here...
    DRACONIC is an adventure map where a dragon is attacking, and the player may either befriend, or slay the dragon.
    Befriending the dragon is 100% newbie-friendly, as well as relatively easy. Attempting to slay the dragon is super-difficult and does require items.

    The ancient stories all told of Draconic people who were able to command dragons as they wished. In an attempt to check if you were Draconic, you have summoned a powerful dragon. However, the dragon is hostile, and first wants you to prove your worth to him.
    You must grab an adventure item, and head out to become Draconic, or, meet your fate.

    That about wraps up the main plot

    • A huge red dragon pixel art.
    • 6 endings!
    • Newbie friendly if attempting to befriend the dragon.
    • Very difficult if attempting to slay the dragon.
    • 3 secrets for the player to find, one of which gives shortcuts and all adventure items to the player.
    • Use of the fairly-new cave items!
    • Mars blasted, allowing the player to jump higher than normal.
    • Punch and Zombie jammers and a Fire House to prevent trouble.
    • Fire-themed.
    • Song transcribed by me (Fires of a Revolution)

    Hopefully it's worthy!
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