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    Talking ClanLib 2.2 Preview Help Requested

    Later this year, we will be releasing ClanLib 2.2.0

    ClanLib has a lack of active Linux developers. This makes is very difficult to check ClanLib works on all platforms / distros.

    Also there are numerous versions Microsoft Windows with various graphic cards. We need testers, to ensure the examples work.

    Since ClanLib 2.2 SVN is currently in a stable state (at the time of writing this message). Please help us by testing ClanLib 2.2.

    Below are links to the source code (Taken from SVN #4628) <--- linux line feeds, without Microsoft Windows themes <--- windows line feeds, including Microsoft Windows themes

    Important: See UPDATE.txt (in the base directory)

    The known bugs and "would like" features are found in "TODO.txt" (in the base directory)
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