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Thread: Funeral Information

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    Question Funeral Information

    I would like to know what others thought of the information given in my last Thread? Please let me know. Was it helpful? Was it not enough?

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    I'm actually going to a funeral myself today. I'll maybe give you some notes to compare

    Nvm, I only made it to the burial. It was a nice cemetery though.
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    Default Thread URL

    I'm a new to this forum please send me URL of your last Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funeral View Post
    I'm a new to this forum please send me URL of your last Thread.
    This is an old thread and the person you are replying to no longer visits this forum, I do not believe. You can go to the main area and search for this person's thread which would be under his name, if it is even still listed.
    Or in the post just above yours is the link, here it is again:


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