Aside with its (literally) thousands of guns overloads of well created side missions and easter eggs. This is the only game i have ever played that made me want to play the storyline again and again and again. Its humorous characters and occasional mid story cliffhangers kept me going and after i defeated the final boss (which i will tell you now is beyond epic) it allows you to play the storyline again only all the enemies will be adjusted to your level (and the loot they give). I often dont like rpgs but when they made it a combo of rpg and first person shooter it made me LOVE the rpg elements! My favorite character i cannot get my mind off of is clap-trap a little robot that just has his funny moments such as the quote "IT WILL TAKE HANDSOME JACK MINUTES TO CLEAN UP THIS GRAFFITI! MINUTES I SAY! MINUTES! MWAHAHA" and unlike other games i find farming for the legendary weapons somewhat fun. The dlc of borderlands 2 is even better, 10$ and you get a WHOLE new campaign. Something that amazes me is that its only 30$ and is yet my favorite game of all time.