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    I was just wondering if this is the only board for help with dmods, i'm making a dmod and have made some images, i just can't find images i made in the dink edit, how do i get dink edit to reconise them, thanks if anyone can help with that, and where to go if i have any future problems

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    I was just wondering if this is the only board for help with dmods

    No, there is (more active) board over here: The Dink Network Board

    As for your problem with the images, you'll need to add them to Dink.ini to get them loaded into the editor. Simply add a line like:

    load_sequence_now graphics\dir\file- 850


    [graphics\dir\] is the location of the files
    [file-] is the name of all the files, they need to be named like name-01.bmp, name-02.bmp, name-03.bmp et cetera.
    [850] the sequence where you want them to be. Simply look in the editor for a free sequence where you can put them.
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    aahh okay thanks Simeon, i didn't name the image file with the -01 in the end, and i'll check that other board out, thansk man.



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