November is just around the corner, which for some of us only means one thing: it's time to throw away your razor and beard up. While some people prefer to celebrate Movember by growing a mustache, I think a more inclusive No Shave November update would be more suitable. What would such an update consist of?

First of all, a bunch of new beards and mustaches, of course. The following are some suggestions that come to mind:

- A long black beard
- A long brown beard
- A Fu Manchu mustache
- A classy mustache of some kind
- A Rainbow Beard (to match the rainbow afro)
- Thick sideburns

And so on. The possibilities are endless.

In order for the update to not be too exclusive for male players (or in order to please players who don't like wearing beards/mustaches regardless of gender), one could also add new (female) hair types, like various kinds of longer hair. Yet another possibility would be to add something like a pair of Groucho glasses with a fake mustache.

And of course, an update like this could also include some suitable clothes/accessories, like:

- A lumberjack shirt
- A lumberjack axe
- A bowler hat (if you're going for the classy look)

In addition, how about some new blocks, like:

- A mirror (through which you can admire your glorious whiskers - needn't actually work though, but might still be a nice furniture item).
- A bearded garden gnome (for decoration)

What do you think, Growtopians?