Singleplayer series
By Jukca

So i'm making a Singleplayer series on my Channel and this Thread is so i can keep my progress noted down and my rules put down too!

If anyone would like to do the same the rules will be down below!¨
Also feel free to suggest Challenges / Goals that are possible and not too hard!


You must OBTAIN ALL items yourself so no, Trading, Selling, Buying or donations!
You cannot use Growtokens! (If you are a big youtuber and people visit you)
You can enter worlds like Growganoth & Carnival when they are open
Events that unlocks items over a period like Winterfest are not allowed (Unless you use other rules)
Nobody can roam around your world. (You can have a house at white door but they can't leave)
You can give a WL & Jammer from your other account!
(Since your playing singleplayer and that would mean you would't actually need to protect the world)


Obtain a Crystal seed [Not found]
Build a Farm [Not started]
Build a House [Done]
Build a Storage [Work in progress]
Obtain a Event item [Done]

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World Render
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