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Thread: 2.2: get_section_names returning extra char

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    Default 2.2: get_section_names returning extra char


    I'm running into a problem where the string values returned from CL_ResourceManager::get_section_names have a trailing character that prints to the console as "/". If I remove the trailing character then it won't find the section despite being the same as the original name in the XML.

    I've seen this kind of thing before and it's been an encoding issue, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or something weird I'm doing, since I can't find anything in the examples using this code.

    Running on Linux, g++ etc.


    EDIT: Additionally resourceFile.get_resource_names_of_type("layer", "name/") and resourceFile.get_resource_names_of_type("layer", "name") both return 0, while resourceFile.get_resource_names("layer") correctly returns the number of "layer" elements in all sections.
    This is code that was working in 0.8 before porting to 2.2.
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