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    Default Home pack

    i hope seth see's this... HOME PACK!

    7,500 gems

    washingmachine, dishwasher, counters (10), checker blocks (10), coffe machine, barstool (2) and a yellow glove

    washing machine= toilet+waterbucket if you punch it clothes twirl in it
    dishwasher=blackblock+waterbucket if u punch it it makes a dishwasher noise
    counter=sandstone+table like a tabltable
    checkerblock=checkerwallpaper+bricks block
    coffee machine=ONLY IN THE PACK! makes coffee every day if u drink it you go fast for 30mins
    barstool=chair+darkness you can sit on it
    yellow glove=yellowwallpaper+rubberducky clothing

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    Sounds more like a kitchen pack.

    Wheres the sofa, tv, GrowStation3?

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