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Thread: PETARENAS [Pet fighting arenas]

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    Default PETARENAS [Pet fighting arenas]

    Today, I come to share about growtopia' first planned out battle world! It took a lot of time, wls, and effort to make this world, so I hope you enjoy! The way it works is simple. If there isn't, an admin, go around and find an open arena , or an arena that has one player in it, and simply battle each other. If there is an admin, the door to an arena will be locked, and there will be a prize. In order to keep the world running smoothly, I will need admins. I need about 25 admins total, so we can almost always have one on. The reason that you should be an admin is this:

    1. You get a free link at the world

    2. You get to oversee battles, which may help you learn some tricks so you can always win your battles

    3. When you host, the prize doesn't have to be big like a world lock, maybe some bait, or coffe will do

    4. You can have something to do when you get bored of farming

    5. IT'S 100% FREE!!!

    Now for all of you people wasting your time to become an admin just to grief the world, DON'T! I've already locked everything up. In order to become an admin, just put this down below.


    Time you will be online:

    How many days old your account is:

    2 people you are trusted by:

    Why you want to be an admin:

    What should I build up top:

    So for that last question, I'm not completely done with the world, I have to add some Victrola's and some other music making items to enhance the world. I have a big space at the top of the world and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, so give me some ideas.

    Last, we will have a big tournament once a week, and the prize will be some wls. The amount will most likely depend on how many players we have.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are enjoying the update - Jake645


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    Y u do dis


    The layout is nice, but the block choice and combos aren't very appealing to the eye.

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    IGN: Bibla

    Time you will be online: 16:10-22:00GMT on weekdays but on weekends it completely depends.

    How many days old your account is: 343

    2 people you are trusted by: I have no idea about this question tbh as I haven't really engaged in much things that prove my trust.

    Why you want to be an admin: would maybe make me more known in GT. and as I always say, I need some convincing to play gt a bit more again. I rarely play now.

    What should I build up top: pixel art maybe?
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    I could help you a little on my spare time.

    IGN: ButterPeanut

    Time you will be online: everyday, don't have a schedule so i play whenever i feel like playing.

    How many days old your account is: 700+

    2 people you are trusted by: KillaFlame, Zyfens

    Why you want to be an admin: No spectacular reason, just to have something to do.

    What should I build up top: Dunno
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    IGN: Zuka

    Time you will be online: Anywhere between 10AM to 10PM (GMT +03:00)

    How many days old your account is: 1038 days.

    2 people you are trusted by: Tenghsuen, Deno855 etc. etc.

    Why you want to be an admin: Cuz all I do in growtopia these days is pet fighting.. That would be fun to host games.

    What should I build up top: Random pets pixel art maybe? Or some rooms with info on how to get started in pet fighting. Or write each pet abilities on the signs.
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    IGN: BlockOfDirt

    Time you will be online: 24/7

    How many days old your account is: 814 Days

    2 people you are trusted by: Wronix, Chudy

    Why you want to be an admin: To advertise my world GTSGO

    What should I build up top: More sparring areas
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    I want to join im bored
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