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    Angry inaccessible

    can i use change of address in a inaccessible world because my DRAGONJUMP got inaccessible and i got cursed for 20 days can i use change name of address and get that world name back. is it work or no because if no i will quit GT i spent 20 dls on that world and those dls i made in 2 years.
    And the world got inaccessible because of some prize is scammed and the other is real is this really make sense to get inaccessible
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    Default I need hell ppl

    Can anyone or moderator explain this to me pls and sorry my grammar is very bad
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    You might be able to do it.
    A Change of Address swaps two worlds.
    Maybe you can use a Change of Address in an empty world you've locked and swap it with your inaccessible world.

    Might not work, I don't know.

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    In case you didn't know, there's now a Growtopia forum.

    Take the Growtopia related threads to that website, please
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