Now I know I'll most likely get hate for this, but idc.

So I got muted on the Growtopia forums as you miight know.
I honestly think the reason I got muted is kinda refarted.
So a long time ago I made a thread about "getting Naked"- AT THE STORE. The juice! Naked! Of course it was a little inappropriate... but it was just a harmless joke. I was really bored and basically made a thread of the same thing! People understood it was a joke, and blamo, mute-o.

I mean, maybe the mods are more strict, right? But this joke is pretty harmless in my opinion. Kids have most likely see Spongebob's butt all the time, y'know? I never actually ment it in a sexual way.
Now here is part I feel like I shouldn't do, and I know probably won't make a difference. But here is a poll. I just want to know your opinion on the subject. Was it fair or not fair?

Old thread Wait you can't see it...
Have a nice day.