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Hello everyone,

First off its great to be on this forum and going to be great chatting to everyone. If this post will be better somewhere else please let me know and i will move/change it where needed. Now i have been looking into developing games for a long time now, it all started off by playing games in all my free time i literally don't move away from the screen, you know when you are playing a game and thought "i would do that different! etc. Now i know these days game designing is getting easier and easier with more and more people getting into it. The person that made the Candy Crush has made millions from something so simple but i'm not in it for the money i just want to develop some simple games to begin with and then let my imagination run wild after that. I have been looking online for game design software for sale and found plenty of options but not sure what to go for, i will place some systems below and let me what you think. I was also looking into buying game development books to learn a little before i start but to be honest i am more of a practical learner, not really much of a reader and their is YouTube these days that answers most questions.

1. Unity3D
2. XNA Games Studio
3. Pygame
4. UDK (Unreal Development Kit)
5. RPG Maker XP

These are the 5 that i have been looking at but i am a beginner so maybe simpler the better or if there is a even a free downloadable game development software that i try out, would be a bonus. Any information/advice you guys can share with me will be greatly appreciated!!

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Thanks guys
Yes, this is the right subforum.

I'm not an expert, but I'd say that it depends on what are you making. RPG Maker XP is for making rpg styled games.

I'd personally go with Unreal Engine 4. It's one of the more powerful software and it's free.