Before i start:

It's only my opinion, Don't go attacking me with your pitchforks and torches

I'm absolutely hating the forum games that the new forumers call "fun" it's a forum for growtopia! NOT FOR THE FREAKING FORUM GAMES. It's absolutely bugging me out that everyone call's them "unique" "fun". What's the unique in there? Being text based where you type into your reply? HECK NO! It's really annoying that every day, There is atleast 2 forum games being made. What's even the prize? Nothing! Okay. I know sometimes it's fun. But it's still text based. Like seriously. Half of the activity stream is either replies on the forum game.

Look at this: (Credit to Bruce Wayne)
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Aren't you guys tired? I'm seriously tired of these stupid games.

Final Thoughts:

In the end of the day, You will know that these forum games are , Give me your opinions.