Now before you shoot your guns at me. I'm not saying all 2017 forumers are bad.

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Starting statement:

I've asked some forumers what they think about them:

"Eh, Some of them are cool but some of them are straight out annoying"

"They all rant"


"Well i like 2015-2016 forumers, 2017 EH i don't know about them"

There goes the opinion's

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They're straight out annoying. They join the forums. Then they rant about the daily challenges! It's like they're a Chef Ramsay 2.0 person except they go nuts over something else than food! They're like "Omg omg Zraei always win cuz she is supa supa fame, pls rmov the challlenge noww devvs or i quit gt". Some are even straight out edgy to be honest. Some use fancy fonts then they call themselves "unique" like whaat? You can't just say you're unique because you use fancy fonts. Now 50% of them are edgy 20% are cool and nice and 30% are ranters! I am really getting tired of them. Now i arranged them in 4 categories

1. Cool and Nice

They're not edgy, Not using fancy fonts. No anything. They don't rant about the challenges.

2. Meh, half edgy, Half cool.

They think they're the best, But sometimes they're chill.

3. 50% cringeworthy

They're cringy. They're boastful. Nothing else

4. 100% edgy

Name explains it.

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Final Thoughts:

In the end of the day, You just wanna hide from them. If you're tired reading this entire post. Look at this image then
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