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Thread: Tanked Racing S2: Bigger prizes, better setups.

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    Default Tanked Racing S2: Bigger prizes, better setups.

    Tanked Racing Season Two!

    Two years ago, I made this project. It was a moderate success. Now I'm planning to revamp it and I need YOU to participate in it!

    Basically, this is how it works: Tankers playing with Panzer run around in a predetermined course. The races last around ten to fifteen minutes, and are done weekly.

    A qualifying round consists of 3 laps around the course.

    The times are ranked from best to worst.

    This is the points format:

    1st: 25 points
    2nd: 18 points
    3rd: 15 points
    4th: 12 points
    5th: 10 points
    6th: 8 points
    7th: 6 points
    8th: 4 points
    9th: 2 points
    10th: 1 point

    Were a race to have more than eight entrants, the top five in qualifying will determine P1-5 and the slowest bunch will race in one heat race.

    There is a maximum of 12 entrants.

    The prize is a whopping 150 tank coins.

    Signups end on 15/8/2017.


    -Warample (absent races 1, 2 and 3?)

    Season calendar:

    1st race: Town. 15 laps. 19/8/2017 17:00 GMT

    2nd race: Circle. 35 laps. 26/8/2017 17:00 GMT

    3rd race: Space Station. 25 laps. 2/9/2017 17:00 GMT

    4th race: Egypt! New race. 20 laps. 9/9/2017 17:00 GMT

    5th race: The return of the town! 20 laps. 16/9/2017 17:00 GMT

    6th race: Egypt v.2 25 laps. 23/9/2017 17:00 GMT

    7th race: Another oval race. Circle. 40 laps. 30/9/2017 17:00 GMT


    You may not block anyone. This makes the races very unfair and allows you to just hold the bottom. Don't. Failure to adhere to this rule leads to a punishment anywhere from a warning, to a 10 point dock in the points standings.

    You may not veer off the predetermined race course. Failure to adhere to this rule leads to a punishment anywhere from a two second time penalty, to a fifteen point dock in the points standings.

    Juanma206 reserves to the right to change, add, or remove any rule at any time. However, rules may NEVER be retroactively enforced, unless the player at fault does something widely considered to be unsportsmanlike.

    Respect any and all designated race moderators. They are there to enforce the rules, and will act fairly and without bias.

    Deliberately breaking a rule will result in a race ban. Repetition of this offense will lead to a PERMANENT ban from "Tanked Racing Season 2" and all affiliated tournaments.

    You may not use third-party applications to make any modification to the speed of your tank. Failure to adhere to this rule results in a permanent race ban.

    No shooting. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in anywhere from a warning to a five second time penalty.

    Never pass under yellow flag conditions. When a caution is announced, all racing must immediately stop. Players will form a double file in their current order and a restart will be promptly announced. Failure to follow the correct procedure will result in a. Two warnings. b. A five second time penalty.
    c. A five point dock from the points standings.
    d. A race ban.

    These punishments will be sequential, I.E, first the warnings, Then the time penalty, etc.

    Points standings after Race 0:

    Team standings:

    Lastly, remember to join our discord here:

    Have fun!
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