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    It beings me genuine sadness that the game I grew up with may be officially gone. To all the players, the old and the new, it was a wonderful throwing beagles in your faces. But honestly it was amazing, even if I was a childish ass{hopefully i can say that}, to play the best RTSoft game.
    Good luck to all of you

    The probably in the loading screen give me hope, hopefully not a false sense.
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    Make my main the most visited banned person!!! PLz

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    I cannot really fault Seth on that one. Paying for a relatively reliable server for a game only two people play anymore is kind of the equivalent of taking money and just burying it.

    It really has been nice playing with you all. I like to think Tanked was one of the only competitive games I was good at, and it was sure as hell more fun than Growtopia. All good things must come to an end though; we saw this coming for years, and the game population only kept shrinking and shrinking.

    It has been a blast, but everyone must look to the future, even if it entails as minute a nuance as leaving behind a nostalgic game.

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    We can still play, right? The game won't close (probably) until the end of this year. Might as well play for the last time and hang out



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