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Ok, I moved the server to something with WAAAAY more power today. But during testing I noticed that if you watch a Tapjoy ad it crashes the app on iOS (it does give you the coins for watching though) .. ugh, didn't do that when I tested before submission... hmm.

Anyway, except for that, stuff should run smoothly, so I guess that's all I want to do for now!

You guys want me to reset all scores to 50 or anything for a new "season"? Probably not but figured I'd ask. If anyone likes the idea, maybe setup a vote and the three people who still play can decide.
LOL. Playing would be more a viable option if there were enough people...perhaps we ought to organize something where we can have more than three players.

Thanks for at least making it playable though. Would not want my five American dollars from IAPs going to waste (a joke, as I still suck even with the better tanks). I can take my 1000 cp and test it against Serge.