Kinda late, but better than never.
Yes, I do thought about what I will get when I pm Kaurkal about how they are abusing their power and being lazy, not solving problems and take it the easy way, which is to ban everyone that stand up. Me, ExistJr, Apples and MusicOfMine himself had stand up and tell the world that how Ubisoft is killing growtopia.
And what do we get? MusicOfMine, from a misban to a real ban, myself got a 2 months ban, Apples and ExistJr got a infraction for "telling the truth".
Now, MoM stated that with the DHorn glitch, Ubisoft perma-banned all of the players that abusing the glitch. What about rollback 1 and 2? Simple enough,
it is a rollback, and everyone is happy with it. I was scam a scammer that day and the rollback arrives, but it is a small lost. Without the rollback, I would have lose so much more. Those 12-years-old kids just want to profit without thinking for the future. Just imagine one day they wake up and found out everything they have done for 2 years is gone because Ubisoft cant admit their mistake and dump all of the trash onto the players? That is messed up.
I did draw a revolution chart back then, telling that the forum will eventually rise up from the ash, because I was being possitive. There is another part of the chart which I hide. I dont want to reveal it because it might tear the forums apart but whatever. I can redraw it.
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The forums is following the red line, which is bad. And who is responsible for this thing? Ubisoft of course. Falling Cloak Of Water? Oh please. A 3-years old kid could tell that this is a pathetic attempt to find a world that hasnt been worldlock-ed.
I will come back after 2 months to see how the forums turn out, but if it still follow the red line, expect me to leave again.
I would love to see someone that is still active in the other forums send this thread to the Meet & Greet subforum under the title "TCTC signing out"
Thank you very much for the time and effort reading this.