[No fking colors]

I was permabanned, now rejoice.

But please say this in the gt forums for me, to anyone who is kind enough.

Title: (Admins pls read)Matt says this

Content: "I was permabanned with no specified reason. Remember the last thing I posted about my ban?
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I was threatened about me ban evading. Now these guys called NotMattLaurence4 until NotMattLaurence6 was trolling while I was banned, and that guy was 3rdReich/Snowman. The mods thought I was that so I was permabanned :/.

I think there is a misunderstanding, I never banevaded. Yet I was permabanned.

Please any of you admins, Kaurkal, Kairos, Anulot, or any of you, please justify my ban. I never did anything wrong (well except spem wkwk). There must be a reason imo"

Pls post that in the gt forums > tavern. Please i beg you

If you did, I would never spam here in the last safe haven.

Pne guy is enough