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    Default Help test Seth's new thing:

    Well, since the Growtopia forums were split off into their own thing these areas have been pretty dead.

    So I figure the remaining stragglers are perfect victims to try my latest experiment!

    Name:  oversi1.gif
Views: 391
Size:  1.17 MB - a sort of MMO Reversi / Othello

    I wanted to test out my webgl/unity networking code in a real thing so I figured a simple board game that allowed 100+ players in the same game would be good for that.

    So please try it and let me know how it ran. (FPS is shown at the top)


    • Playable in the browser, nothing to install
    • Combo scoring system
    • Drop in gameplay
    • Leaderboard
    • Board size will scale up if enough people join
    • If nobody else is playing, you can just open it up in multiple browser windows to see how multiplayer works
    • There is a secret way to chat if you can figure it out...

    Play here (it likely only works on newish desktops with 64 bit Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari browsers):

    What do you think?

    I don't think it really "works" in its current form. I've got some ideas to improve it but I'll likely just work on something else if the technology behind it works ok.
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    Whoever Player 4 is, you are a madman.

    Fun game. Took ~24 seconds to load after five minutes of trying to figure out how to enable WebGL. Of course I clicked the button that redirects you to this forum thread first thing...

    Consistently got 60-70FPS, played around with that Player 4 guy for about a round, no idea how to play Othello. No lag.

    Seems to freeze for a bit after sliding desktops over on my iMac, but recovers fast enough.

    Not sure how to look much into my machine specs and versions and whatnot, but here's a few things:
    Chrome: Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Mac: Mid-2011, OSX 10.13.2

    Took me way to long how to toggle chat. Only two chat commands seem to be /? or /help, both of which bring up the same thing "/? for help". Nice. Almost thought that /me was a command for a second because normally if you type an invalid command you get "Invalid command or you lack access to do that!", but if you add a space after the command then nothing shows up. You can also type in colors, which is neat, but considering how you type colors and how you open chat, kind of a pain.

    Single player gets boring fast, playing with others was actually sort of fun. Pretty big slog just waiting for the AI to move in a way so that you can turn them, especially if they're the only one left or something.

    The swiping over seems to not freeze up the game as fast anymore. Maybe it was just me having used the computer for a long while before that. It does however seem to still freeze sometimes. Not sure what causes it, so can't really test around to much, but every time that has happened I've had the debug interface open. It also doesn't recover from the freeze, or at least not quickly enough for it to be worth waiting rather than just refreshing. I still hear the sounds of moving pieces, and seem to still be able to interact with everything and all, just can't see any visual changes. The FPS seems to hover more around 90 now. Again, not sure if it was from heavy usage yesterday or anything. I had like 3 browsers open each with several tabs running. Still do, but things seem to have settled down.

    Would like to see more people on, preferably enough to see the board expand, but at least two others would be nice. It's a shame only like 30 people seem to have played before, assuming "player #" is just a placeholder used for invalid names that indicates... which player number you are.
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    Took a while to make a new post eh? Will try out once I get my geography test off my back.
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    the "X" on the treasure map.....


    looks like shogi. no?
    Hope these nostatlgic forums will still exist when I've had a family. Will post yearly.

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    As i said in my thread
    In GT forums he was online

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    Looks cool! I’ll fire up chrome when I get home!

    sadly safari on an iPad doesn’t load the site very well
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    Unsure if it's Firefox's bad or not, but the CPU usage spikes up to 100% on that page for me.
    Could be my bad processor though, Intel Celeron G530. Running latest Firefox Beta 59.0b6 (64-bit), can't really judge how the game works if it almost keeps freezing my system.

    EDIT: Tried on Chrome, it doesn't hang my system anymore, and cpu usage lowers once the game is actually loaded. I managed to beat the whites (at time of playing, it was AI)! Though, my concern about CPU usage remains. I opened task manager of chrome, it eats up a whole gigabyte of RAM and uses "160%" CPU. Those are the only setbacks I'd have. As for the game performance once it's loaded... It runs quite nicely around 40-60 fps on my lower-end hardware, but it starts randomly gobbling up system resoruces again.

    I assume you used the new Unity to WASM technology on this, so that's nicely done. I just hope your final product won't be as resource intensive as it is now, because I'd see that as a major drawback to potential userbase.

    Now as for my hardware:
    OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 (Reporting NT 6.1, Build 7601)
    Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G530 @ 2.40GHz (2 cores)
    Memory: 2x Dual Channel (4 channels, but cpu supports dual channel only, so it's kind of "dual dual" channel) 4096MB, 2048MB per slot, totalling to 8192MB DDR3 1033MHz.
    GPU: ASUS GeForce GT 210 1GB GDDR3 @ 533MHz
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