Alright here it is! Reunion, meetup, party, whatever you call it. I'm planning a grand reunion for us here. Of course it'll take place in the game that led you (most likely) to the RTSoft Forums, Growtopia. Who's invited though? Alright there's no method of checking who's who but if you're aware that you've been here for a while or you were basically part of this community since back then, that means you're invited. This reunion's main aim is to, you guessed it! Reunite the forumers for a talk, party, hang out especially those who don't visit this place as much as they did back then. And if possible, to gather as much inactive users (in any method) for a hangout. Ya know, meetup and talk about something, play some games, etc.

This is still a plan, I need to know how much of you can go online at a specific time. I've made a form for you to fill up if you're interested in coming (you better come) so that we'll get the most, if not all users partying.
Click here for the form

Here are some plans I have for the world that we'll use. Feel free to suggest or criticize.

That's all for now. Hope a lot can come and participate. This doesn't happen everyday, or even every month. So I hope we can all go and have a very memorial celebration.

Oh, and, of course Sethmumu is invited