This is a very important message about tanked. If you miss the community and everyone on it, please read this message. As most of you are probably aware, tanked is shutting down this year. It's crazy how we care more about it than the actual creator. Seeing that a lot of us had so many memories and good times on this game, it is very disappointing to hear. One of the things we miss most of all is the community. Everyone was friends with each other, and now we have all been distanced. On July 27, 2018 (this Friday) 7 PM EST/6 PM CST, we would like to have a reunion for all the old tanked members to get together and relive it's golden days. We can hang out in the tavern, battle each other, and play games in private rooms. Admit it to yourself, you miss all the nonsense drama. We aren't expecting to revive this game, by hosting this reunion, (even though that would be great) we just think it would be amazing to get together one last time. We would really appreciate seeing everyone there. Please consider this because it would be an amazing last time together. Hope to see you there!

-fabulous and Lostkitten