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Thread: Sandbox game I am making in unity

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    Default Sandbox game I am making in unity

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    So I am making a sandbox multiplayer 2d game in unity inspired by growtopia and terraria. It will have features growtopia does not have and it is not a growtopia copy. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with graphics or programming? If you do, I will give you credit inside the game and give you admin rank in the game (as long as you do not abuse your powers). The game is going to be called “Cartoonie Worlds”.

    Cartoonie Worlds is a 2D multiplayer sandbox platformer where you can make amazing outfits and chat with friends and build epic worlds and show them off. You can fight monsters and earn achievements and make your own customized profile in a cartoonie world. Level up and train pets to fight bosses and other players. Go on legendary quests to earn special items and climb to the top. With a story line of saving the cartoonie town which you can join your friends in defeating the root of all evil trying to destroy the cartoonie universe!!!

    requirements (artist): must be able to draw in a 2D cartoonie style. I already have some base models (royalty free) and I need you to make outfits based on them with movement too. I would also like you to be able to do some UI design and items.
    requirements (programmer): help with networking, chat, outfit changing, block placing and destroying, inventory, health, trading, shop, world creation, account creation, and admin tools. Of course because of the game is being developed in unity, you must know c# programming.

    Feel free to respond in this thread if you like the game idea or if you would like to help. Also feel free to join the discord server!

    Here are some of the graphics:

    discord server link:

    Please note this game will have nothing to do with growtopia in any way shape or form. If you really think I’m going to use it to “steal” peoples stuff, then completely ignore this thread. This game will not be a scam for anything but I’m not forcing anyone to believe me. To be honest, I couldn’t care less about pixelated items in a game.
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