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Thread: Well how about that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    Hi I'm Boomer.

    I joined this forum back in 2013 for Tanked. Growtopia came soon after and eventually I was on here for a good 5+ hours a day when I should have been doing school work. Soon topped the charts for most posts ever on this forum and held it for a good 2-3 years, cracking 15,000. Then GT moved over to its new domain and this place lost all attention, and I also lost like 4,000 posts. I thought I lost the #1 spot but oddly enough I'm still up top.

    Now I don't play any RT games (Tanked is deader than a mofo) and GT lost all its appeal after UbiSoft bought it. I'm also 19 now and work long hours and when I do have time to play games, its either WoT Blitz, Xbox or PS4.

    I still like tanks.
    Aye son you still playing tanked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SageDeoxys View Post
    Why hello there.
    I have nothing important to add. Good day ma'am... Sir... Oh wait.
    Sage you still play tanked also?
    Aye bruh why you readin this? Don't click on my bio either, FOH stalker MFer.

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    Ayyy glad to see you're doing well. Man, that brings back so many memories. I really owe this place a lot. I'm not overreacting when I say this forum made me to who I am now. Oh, and merry christmas!

    Quote Originally Posted by Raqk View Post
    TheNorthernStar, someone in your(?) friends list sounds familiar, but I'm not sure. I like stalking forum users MAL accounts...
    Can confirm. That's me.

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    merry christmas to you all, even though I greeted too late haha.

    glad to see I'm not the only one shaped by this forum, and that we fixed our mistakes in the past to set ourselves a better future. cheers.
    Let's face it. We need a dark mode for both Growtopia and RTSoft forums.
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