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Thread: dink smallwood 2 and seth pla answer this

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    SETH!!!!! please answer, are you planning to ake dink 2? you even said you where going to make an rpg game like dink and we get some lawn mower thing, plz answer!!

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    jesus hell-dozer are you like 12? god it must be annoying to get emails from people like you, glad i don't dev software

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    actually i am, and why did you mske a lawn mwoing game all my friends say its crap.

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    lol, very cute. I don't like to announce what I'm working on until I'm pretty sure I'm going to have it done in a reasonable time period, so check the main rtsoft page once in a while is all I can say. I can tell you I'm not working on a RPG right now.

    Also, please try to be less annoying/rude or I might think you're a troll and just ban you from the board.
    Seth A. Robinson
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