Hey y'all, I'm checking back in again just to see how everyone's doing.

Also there's a bunch of life-updating threads like this already, but I wanted this to be mainly focused on photos. Not a selfie thead per say, but just a photo thread.

If you had a really nice looking lunch, or something made your day today feel free to post it. Or if you just want to talk about what's been happening in your life so far that's also dandy. I miss a lot of you guys, and I've realized that the forums is turning into a dead place to talk in-- especially since responses take multiple days b/c no one really checks this place anymore. It's sad, but if there's another platform that you guys want to talk on that'd also be really cool! Discord's also been pretty dead, but that might just be me.

Here's my update for the week,
So I'm currently on winter break hurray! I'm also a senior in high school now hahahahaha and I'm looking at colleges right now weeeeeee! I think I want to major in acting or musical theatre, but that could possibly screw over so we'll see lol.

I also went to this nice cat cafe a few weeks ago and a kitten slept in my lap :>
Here's a nice picture of that:
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I also got into a really cool singing competition!! I'd love to talk about it in specifics, but I also want to keep my privacy safe lmao-- but they did give me some really cool shoes LMAOOO, we have to promote UGG so they gave me $170 shoes. I've never spent that much money on shoes, and I probably never will in the future lmao, I'm also extremely nervous to wear them because
1. they're expensive
and 2. they're high heels LOLLLL

here's a pic of them:
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also i hope this thread gains more traction because i miss talking to yall lol, also if i take any more good selfies ill post them here!