I needed a cool rad dandy title s o

but honestly do any of you guys ever realize that most of us were immature kids that probably said dumb stuff and did dumb things on the forums, and we're just growing up? while i get that some of them are purely toxic, a lot of new people on the forums are just kids-- and that's what we originally were. they're going to grow up, and have their own experiences on that forum, even if it isnt the same place we knew it as. they're going to grow up and say "wow holy **** was i immature" and that's exactly what i'm seeing right now with some of y'all lol. i think it's time to call it a quits y'all, as much as i loved rtsoft forums, its pretty much dead besides the few lurkers every day-- which includes myself. she's dead.

maybe it's because it's almost midnight and i'm tired, but i'm feeling a bit emotional right now and it's sad.

let's keep in touch in one way or another. i still would love to talk to you guys, but just not on here anymore-- because it isn't and will not be the same. let's turn these lil' green dots off for good, and branch out.