For a month now I've been developing TeslaX, the next generation farming bot.

The way it works is that it recreates normal farming behavior: punching blocks in front of it and moving forward. This way it prevents you from being detected, without losing out on efficiency.

The bot uses information from the screen to generate a grid, use it to detect player and blocks next to him, calculate the distance between them, and decide whether to hold down Left/Right. There are multiple checks to prevent too much input in short time, as a proactive measure against detection.

Right now it only supports players wearing Barky's Mask breaking Laser Grids in a Wooden Platform farm. However, it's designed to be extensible, so that in the end, any player would be able to farm any block in any condition, as long as it's placed in a row in front of him. I've already implemented a system that allows to swap out Laser Grids for most other farmables.

All of the code is available at I'll be more than happy to explain what each part of it does (I could write pages about all of the in-game quirks that had to be considered) if you're interested in contributing, as well as answer any other questions. I might create a Discord server if at least a few people show interest. It's still a work in progress, but at the moment most of the base is written, and it's mostly about polishing it.

Current version can simulate A/D buttons to move left/right, depending on the distance between the player and nearest blocks (except breaking to the left is a bit bugged, still figuring it out). I'll continue the work once my Laser Grid trees are ready.

Decided to post it here since most other Growtopia-related places will quickly police this, and this forum is particularly popular with developers.